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Fukaya's moxibustion style

Basic level

Introduction to Isaburo Fukaya's moxibustion style. This is a seminar to know the principles and the basic protocol of treatment of this effective style, as well as the peculiarities of this unique moxibustion.

Location: Tarragona (1h from Barcelona)

Language: Spanish

Dates: (2020) 18-19/1


Fukaya's style is perhaps the most notorious style in modern Japanese moxibustion. Drinking from the most classic sources of moxibustion, the master Isaburo Fukaya reached the highest levels of efficiency recognized in this area of ​​traditional Japanese medicine and developed a series of technical aspects, such as Fukaya bamboo, which allowed to improve this ancient practice.

Felip Caudet is the only Westerner authorized by Shinma Sensei (son of Isaburo Fukaya) to teach the Fukaya Style outside of Japan, this being the only seminary that respects the tradition of the style.



Moxibustion of Fukaya. Isaburo Fukaya the master of moxibustion of Sowa
The keys of style (energy physiology)
The Fukaya tube. Use and characteristics (diagnosis and treatment)
The 10 rules of Fukaya's style


The root.
The branch. Symptomatic treatment using special points
Protocol and dosage.
Visual diagnosis
Special treatment: The single point (treatment with bended string)