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Felip Caudet

Director of Okyu schools and specialist in Fukayaku and Kinseikyu

Director and principal instructor of the Okyu schools. Physiotherapist from the Ramon Llull University and acupuncturist for CENAC, specialized in postural reeducation (Mézières Method) and in Japanese moxibustion. Formed by teachers Tetsuya Fukushima sensei and Shinma Hideo sensei (son of Isaburo Fukaya). International teacher teaches training in Japan, Brazil, Portugal, France, Italy and Denmark. He also practices clinically in his private practice (Tarragona). President of the European Fukayakyu Society.

He developed Kinseikyu, a moxibustion style for postural balance using moxibustion techniques.

He published in 2011 "The heat that heals" Ediciones Natural (volume dedicated to techniques of direct moxibustion and specifically Fukaya style) and in 2015 "Moxibustion at the end of the rope", the only existing book on the techniques of Josetsu-ho (search for points for the moxa with the string bent) and in 2017 The Treasure points of the Fukaya Moxibustion (translation into Spanish of the compilation work of Fukaya sensei treatments, written by Shina Sensei). He has also published several articles on moxibustion, Fukayakyu and Kinseikyu in international journals such as the North American Journal of Oriental Medicine.