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Shinma Hideo

Son of the moxibustion master Isaburo Fukaya

Teacher associated with our school. It is an honor to have your teachings. Hideo Shinma is the eldest son of the one who was the moxibustion master of the Sowa period, Isaburo Fukaya (unparalleled reference in the Japanese moxibustion). Professionally he dedicates himself to music because he is a professional guitarist. He has produced different CDs and books. Although his profession is not the exercise of traditional medicine, his life is closely linked to this as he observed for a long time as his father practiced and exercised. He explains, as he moxaba to his mother by indiación of his father.

Shinma sensei is not a trainee with a degree in his country but has a deep and unique experience to the respect. For years Shinma sensei edited the publications of Haruto Kinoshita, a well-known Japanese acupuncturist and later he was the editor of all his father's books. Currently he devotes all his strength to the dissemination of his father's legacy.
Shinma sensei can be considered as one of the maximum exponents in the traditional japanese moxibustion. He has and knows very well one of the great developments in moxibustion: the Fukaya Style.