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Kyutohinaishin (microneedles and moxibustion) with Aaron Rubinstein

An original and effective specialty in the field of Japanese moxibustion developed by Aaron Rubinstein (USA). It combines totally painless and moxa microneedles, significantly increasing the penetration effect of the moxa.

Place: Barcelona

Language: English and spanish

Dates: (2018) 26-27 / 5

Kyutohinashin is a technique that combines two quick and decisive strategies. Developed by Aaron Rubinstein is a simple but very powerful specialty that puts into practice two essential techniques: acupuncture and Japanese moxibustion. This system increases the depth of the treatment with direct moxa, and it supposes a fast and highly effective system in the superficial stagnation of blood, as well as in the treatment of pain, joints, tendons, headaches and allergic rhinitis among other disorders.



Introduction and materials
Basic technique (demonstration and practice)
Moxibustion chain (demonstration and practice)
Anatomy and location of points in hands and feet
Treatment: hands and feet, osteoarthritis, Jing points,


Treatment of facial points (Bladder 2, Bell's facial paralysis, dental problems)
Mastoid treatment
Spinal points treatment
Auricular treatment