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Pulse and moxa with Oran Kivity

Theoric and practical seminar to introduce Manaka’s ideas on dosage and prognosis, and a simple approach to monitoring changes on the pulse after apply moxibustion developed from Toyohari style.

Location: Barcelona

Language: English and spanish

Dates: (2018) 16/11

How sick are my patients? How much treatment can I do in one session? How many treatments will they need? How can I use the pulse to tell me when I’ve done enough or done too much?

The workshop will provide practical and pragmatic answers to these crucial questions using thoughts and concepts distilled from sophisticated thinkers and researchers in Japanese acupuncture such as Dr Yoshio Manaka, Stephen Birch and the blind practitioners of the Toyohari Association. You will learn:

  • a simple and methodical approach to reading changes in the pulse
  • key concepts for modifying your treatments to match your patient’s health
  • key concepts to making your prognoses more accurat




Dosage and the Goldilocks Zone

Introducing the Jitsometer and the Dosometer

Deepening our practice.

Lecture. The pulse matrix – monitoring your treatments and a tool for research.

Pulse practice with cone moxa. Practise recording pulse matrix and removing the moxa at the pulse change

Shiroda kyu.

Moderating the ouchie according to pulse.

Demo and practice.


Practice either protocol in fours, giving pulse feedback only according to four pairs.

Experiments with Sayoshi. Demo

Prognosis and blood stasis