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Ontake with Oran Kivity

New Ontake applications

Seminar to learn how to use the Ontake (hot bamboo) in an advanced way. This is a development by Oran Kivity, based on the ideas of Dr. Manaka, which has increased the uses and applications of this powerful and relaxing tool. Highly recommended for those who already know the Ontake and want to optimize it, as well as for those who want to discover an exceptional and useful therapeutic strategy.

Location: Barcelona

Language: English and spanish

Dates: (2018) 17-18/11

Introducing Ontake Warm Bamboo – a ground-breaking new moxibustion technique based on Doctor Manaka’s theory of Meridian Frequencies. Heated bamboo is applied on the skin rhythmically at specific frequencies of beats per minute, according to the meridian affected. 

This meridian frequency treatment brings about rapid changes in body condition and relieves pain fast. It will greatly enhance your clinical effectiveness and, very importantly, patients love it. The application of Ontake will deepen your palpation skills, literally bringing you closer in touch with the channel system and broadening your understanding of its dynamic interrelationships.

Day One of the workshop covers everything you need to know about the basics of loading, lighting and applying bamboo treatment. As well as creating more time for practice,  Day Two explores symptom relief with bamboo in much greater detail. This includes guidelines on treating specific conditions and holographic models for pain relief developed by Dr Tan and adapted for use with bamboo.


Day 1

  • Introduction to Dr Manaka and his ideas
  • Root and Branch treatment in Japanese Acupuncture
  • Dr. Manaka’s Meridian Frequencies, Wooden Needle and Hammer, tapping zones
  • Loading, lighting and applying Ontake
  • A non-pattern based root treatment
  • Clinical applications: Branch Treatments
  • The Goldilocks Zone: Dosage and overtreatment

Day 2

  • Holographic Thinking
  • Dr Tan’s concepts of body mirrors and images
  • Dr Manaka’s octahedral model
  • Meridian pairings and a simple Ontake matrix
  • Matrix thinking and palpation: tension assessment
  • Chasing the pain
  • Dazhui DU 14 revisited