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IV International Workshop on Japanese Moxibustion

Year's topic: Fukaya Moxibustion style. From old times to modernity

Since our first, second and third seminars in Barcelona were such a success, we are going to have fourth round of this awesome and unique event in the moxibustion world!!

Location: Barcelona

Language: Spanish and japanese (we also provide help in english or french)

Dates: (2019) 30-31/3

Tetsuya Fukushima sensei - master of masters of moxibustion
Hideo Shinma sensei - Isaburo Fukaya’s son
Felip Caudet sensei - the only westerner authorized to teach Fukaya style.

Haruko Ishibe- moxibustionist and developper of Bizen Hyakue Kyu technique

Hiroshi Enomoto – CEO Sankei Company


Isaburo Fukaya is considered as the Master of Moxibustion in the history of traditional eastern medicine of the twenty century (Showa period). He became famous for his large clinical practice, his influence upon moxibustion practitioners and his deep respect for the tradition of moxibustion. Fukaya’s style is, perhaps, the only moxibustion style which is both traditional and has a strong record of clinical efficacy.

Also this time we will enjoy special teaching of Haruko Ishibe sensei who will introduce us the new moxibustion practice of Bizen Hyakue Kyu.


History of Fukaya style

Cones on Fukaya style

The live point and its special palpation.

Evolution of Fukaya style

Bamboo as a tool.

Treatments on Fukaya style.

  • Orthopaedics
  • Ginecology
  • Digestive problems

Bizen Hyaku Kyu (New Horokokyu)

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