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Beauty with japanese acupuncture.

by Takeshi Kitagawa

DATES: (2017) June 16-17-18

After sold out seminars in Japan and the US, Takeshi Kitagawa sensei brings again his facial acupuncture revolution to Europe! 

Acupuncture = Beauty + Health
3 day intensive workshop

Obviously, since our face is our “business card” that we show to the world, the face must be the focus for cosmetic acupuncture.

In the practice of Shinkyu (Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion) for beautification, there is great demand to treat problems such as wrinkles, saggy face, dark circles around the eyes, dull skin, and swelling caused by aging, poor circulation or metabolic disorders.

Facial needling is essential in this field. However, incorrect needle technique can cause bruising, and bruising on the face is obviously even less desirable than elsewhere on the body. So while facial needling is an essential skill, proper technique is critical.

Kitagawa sensei’s top priority is for all students to learn correct needle technique so they can competently and comfortably needle the face by the end of the seminar. Over three days, Kitagawa sensei will cover all angles of facial needling, including his own two finger insertion technique (no guide tube).

By concentrating on needle insertion students gain confidence and quickly trust themselves with this new technique that, at first, can seem quite intimidating. There will be three days of nearly continuous practice. This is necessary for new students to become comfortable enough to use this technique in their clinic the following week.


Day 1. Basic knowledge

In this first day, Kitagawa sensei will show all the particularities about needling and tools for the facial techniques. There will be special training to improve hand skills.

  • Acquire basic knowledge of the tools used in the techniques (quality and management).
  • Finger training.
  • Insertion training.
  • Basic of two fingers insertion method.
  • Insertion on facial acupoints.

Day 2. Treatments and Techniques

Different specific treatments will be show, covering protocols and methodologies. Students will have opportunity to ask questions regarding specific complaints.

  • Insertion around eyes.
  • Insertion for dark circles around eyes and dull skin.
  • Insertion for wrinkles and saggy face.
  • Technique and method to improve sex-appeal.

 Day 3. Review and other questions

Cosmetic acupuncture has greater economic potential than other acupuncture modalities and Kitagawa sensei is not only a master acupuncturist, but also a very successful businessman. Accordingly, we will use this opportunity on the last day to ask him how we can use facial acupuncture to increase our income! Of course, we will also review all the needle techniques as well.

  • Shinkyu beauty and its marketing strategy.
  • Shinkyu beauty and risk control.
  • Training.
  • Technical check and instruction.

MORE INFO write to: info@okyubarcelona.com